Posted on Aug 17, 2017
Liz Foote is the founder and executive director of Project S.E.A.-Link, a nonprofit organization based on Maui dedicated to marine science, education and awareness. She has a scientific background and is a specialist in outreach and education. Liz holds a M.S. in Science Education with an emphasis in marine science from Oregon State University, and a B.S. in Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution from the University of California, San Diego. Liz is the manager of the West Maui Kumuwai Campaign, and has developed and coordinated numerous conservation and education programs and products since arriving on Maui in 1998. She will be discussing watershed conservation and stewardship efforts underway as part of the West Maui Ridge to Reef Initiative, including ways in which individuals, homeowners, and businesses can reduce their contribution to the polluted runoff that harms our near shore coral reef ecosystems.