The Rotary Club of Lahaina prides itself on the partnerships we have made with clubs in the Philippines to bring school supplies to needy children, and to provide clean drinking water and sanitation to areas that have none.  Believe it or not, many schools in the Philippines, even in the most developed of areas, lack access to clean water and sanitation for those that cannot afford it.
The Rotary Club of Lahaina completed another successful visit to the Philippines, having delivered over 100 school supply bags and over 150 pounds of imported school supplies, along with boxes of supplies sourced locally (with school supplies carried on the plane by International Chair and PP Rick Nava, his wife Rina Nava, Virgil Vergara from the Rotary Club of Kapolei, and current President Darryl Ng.
Our club's first project was to provide school supply bags to three elementary schools with the help of our new sister club, Rotary Club of Metro Ilo Ilo.
Our club's second leg of the trip took us to Davao City in Mindanao along with the Rotary Club of Davao, one of our two newest sister clubs.  The trip was a grueling 2 hours into the mountains to deliver slippers, school supplies, rain coats, and snacks, for the Happy Forest Kids of Nagalid Elementary School.
Third stop was to deliver back packs and school supplies for the Obu Manuvu children of Davao.
Last stop was a visit to Nancalobasaan Elementary School along with another one of our Philippines sister clubs,  the Rotary Club of Urdaneta, located over 160km north of Manila in Luzon.  PP Rick Nava braved the slick roads at the onset of Hurricane Henry to provide much needed school supplies.